Healthy Choice Chicken & Beef Box

Healthy Choice Chicken & Beef Box

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18 Ultra Lean Portions @ Just £2.50 a Portion!

All the meat contained in this box are less than 5% fat, so great for the fitness & health conscious, each portion is individually packed for your convenience and labelled with nutritional and calorific values.

Chicken Fillets 210 - 230g x 5

Grill or oven bake whole or you can dice or stir fry this at home to go with your favourite sauce.

 Chicken Diced 210 - 230g x 2

Casserole or Wok Stir Fry with your favourite sauce.

Chicken Stir Fry Plain or Marinaded 170 - 190g x 2

Chicken fillet strips available plain or marinated. 

Beef Mince (Ultra Lean) 210 - 230g x 5

Great for bolognese, lasagne & tacos, or why not try making your own burgers.

Meat Balls (Ultra Lean ) 210 - 230g x 2

Home made in store, oven bake with your favourite sauce.

Beef Stir Fry Plain or Marinaded 170 - 190g x 2

Beef Rump Steak strips available plain or marinated.  









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